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About Us

"A Touch of Luxury, A Touch of Tuscany."

We’ll carry everything you need and have them exactly where you need them, so you’re free to go about being you. As a brand that’s been making bags and accessories for over 30 years, we’ve embodied that experience through designs that are functional, beautiful and relevant to you.

Our products are built to last. They look great but work even better; that’s the beauty of what we do—we think about how you go about your day and create different products for different occasions.

How It Started

TOCCO TOSCANO was launched in various department stores throughout Singapore in 1987, with products that maintained the original quality and essence of TOSCANO. Certain design tweaks were also implemented to better appeal to the local market.

Over the next few years, several iconic collections including DURAN (1988), Breezy (1990) and Eodia (1995) were released. With a strong focus on department store sales, we grew from strength to strength.

Our Roots

Tocco Toscano, meaning “Touch of Tuscany”, originated in Florence, Tuscany.

TOSCANO was initially owned by Mr Stefano who ran a small workshop in Florence, Italy. The label sold bespoke leather items to a niche local clientele. Under an apprenticeship with Stefano, James improved his craft vastly.

Deeply inspired by the intricate techniques and attention to detail that other craftsmen exhibited, he felt the desire to introduce these quality products to Asian consumers. In the mid-1990s, after initially granting James with licensing rights, Stefano sold the trademark—TOSCANO was then rebranded as TOCCO TOSCANO.

Our Founder

Founded by James Lor in 1987

James Lor first encountered the basics of leather production through a rehabilitation program that required him to bind leather bibles. When interest developed into passion, he resolved to leave a troubled past by starting a business in leather craftsmanship—he produced his own belts and sold them door-to-door. Upon convincing department stores to carry them, he created more complex goods such as bags and wallets.

Where We Are Now

Today, we represent a concoction of tradition and modernity, where quality craftsmanship and timeless designs combine with uniquely functional elements that are thought of with you in mind.

With a newfound focus on growing our online presence and a young and diverse team at the forefront, our mission is to create products that suit your everyday needs so you can live easier, and carry fashionably.