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Aimée Wavy Top Handle Bag - TLHB0811PN3MA4RM259.95

"Aimée Wayby Top Handle Bag" is a masterpiece of modern design where sophistication meets avant-garde style. This distinctive tote bag is defined by its irregular handle, a bold departure from convention that adds a unique flair to your ensemble. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the asymmetrical handle not only makes a fashion statement but also provides a comfortable grip, making it both a fashion-forward accessory and a versatile companion for your day-to-day adventures. The carefully chosen materials and impeccable craftsmanship ensure durability. Ideal for both casual and bold styles, especially for everyday outings, this accessory promises to captivate with its eye-catching allure and daring flair

Zélie Top Handle Bag - TLHB0311PN3MA4RM259.95

"Zélie Top Handle Bag" a petite marvel defined by its meticulously crafted top handle, creating an exquisite focal point. The smooth contours and flawless construction showcase attention to detail, while the thoughtfully designed handle adds a touch of modern elegance. Ideal for simplicity enthusiasts, this bag effortlessly transitions from day to night. Its versatile size accommodates essentials with ease, offering a chic alternative to traditional handbags. Pair it with a dinner dress for an elegant evening or dress it down with chic casual wear for city strolls, turning every outing into an opportunity to showcase your refined taste.

Paolo Backpack - TGBP0923PM3NJ3RM479.20

Carry the stories of shared adventures with the Paolo Backpack. Its design, a rich tapestry of intertwined memories represented by the ever-present Tessa monogram, is a nod to the ties that bind us. Every thread of its brown and coffee facade, punctuated with golden moments, celebrates bonds forged and tales yet to be written.